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Yellow Door Properties is in the business of revitalizing communities, reinventing properties, renewing partnerships, and realizing opportunities.


We focus on strategic land and property acquisition for the purpose of adding affordable rental units to the market in emerging communities; providing sustainable rental options to the market, and strong, asset-backed returns for investors.


Whether it’s revitalizing buildings in an innovative fashion, or designing apartments from scratch; Yellow Door’s vision is to bring affordable housing to communities in high demand, and improve communities as we go.

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Yellow Door Properties acquires multifamily communities in Southwestern Ontario, using innovative, value-add models.

The Yellow Door team seeks to acquire low and sell high in the real estate cycle —generating results for our partners in the form of strong, risk-adjusted returns. We create economies of scale by concentrating our efforts in our core markets, and obtain fast financing through our long-term relationships with Canada's best lenders. 


Our investments are designed to generate the highest return in one of the safest asset classes available; while optimizing for stable growth in markets with accelerating economic development.

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